The year is 2386. The name of the place, USS Destiny. The Destiny is a prototype Starship designed to combat the ever increasing Borg and Species 8472 threats to the Federation, in addition to helping protect the Federation from any other threat both Foreign and Domestic.

Our mission is to first and foremost, explore space and expand the boundaries of the Federation while rendering aid to those whom need it and ultimately protecting the Federation.

On Stardate 63842.5 (November 4, 2386 at 13:00) the ship was flung 123 years into the future (the year 2509) due to an malfunction in the ships Slipstream drive. She must now either find a way back to her own time line or make the best of the situation and live out the rest of her existance in the future knowing full well that she is no longer the most advanced ship around and definitely no longer one of the most powerful ships around. How will the crew manage?

Two Months later the ship Meets the second ship of the Destiny Class, USS Crimson Sunrise, and Discovers it is commanded by the descendants of the crew of the Destiny and wind up getting help from those Descendants to get back home while at the same time learning of what had happened to the crew of the Destiny and the Destiny herself after they had disappeared from 2386 and as the crew Travel back in time towards their original timeline the Temporal Drive that was designed as a one time use piece of equipment craps out and spits the crew out in the Alpha Quadrant near the Romulan/Federation Border in the year 2391. From there the ship resumes it's role as one of the most powerful ships around but she no longer holds the title of 'The most powerful ship' and as such is now on par with everyone else until the upgrades given to them by their descendants from 2509 are installed and then they are little further ahead of the curve then everyone else.

Well It has been one Hell of a Journey... The crew made it back for the most part. the borrowed one time use temporal drive gave out part way back and kicked the ship back into sync with the year 2391 where after a hair raising encounter with the Klingon's the ships CO and XO finally got married, but before they could take a honeymoon they were deployed on a 7 year mission through the Delta Quadrant.

The new year is 2398, the ship has finished her journey through the Delta quadrant and now she sets out into the great unknown, uncertain of what her future holds in store for her and her crew.

Come Join us on this action packed adventure that is the ships "Destiny" and find out first hand how the Crew and ship handle this latest twist.

See you out there!

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Captain Byakuya Tamaki