The Aridon system is a Singular-star system located in Sector 709 of the Beta Quadrant. It contains one Gas giant with seven moons. The Largest moon is Habitable with a Federation colony (Kiba) from the crash of the USS Triton.


  • Aridon - K0V

Major BodiesEdit

  • Aridon I (Aridon Prime) - J
    • Aridon I-A (Aridon Minor) - M
      • Aridon I-A-I (e'tum) - D
  • Aridon A-I (Herald) - 60* Ahead of Aridon Prime
  • Aridon A-II (Decendant) - 60* following Arison Prime

Dwarf planetsEdit


Aridon C-I (Veloci)

Star BasesEdit